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A summer 2019, sheddie’s tale

Back in the early ‘70s, an Auckland bloke gets hold of a 25 hp Sea Horse Johnson outboard motor – it’s knackered but it has potential.
He takes it all to pieces, orders all the bits to get it up and running again then wraps it up, bits and all, in a New Zealand Herald newspaper and packs it in a box, presumably as a rainy day project. For reference, the outboard is from 1970 and the Herald is from December 1975.


The most fun you can have on three wheels!

Cambridge sheddie Kim Dawick decided to build a drift trike for a mate’s birthday. It was relatively simple and so much fun to ride he decided to build eight more to bring the old gang from school back together. Click through to see the Kim take Mike’s trike for a spin, and another one, and another one….


Video of Carmen Simmonds, glass artist

In Issue 79 of The Shed we featured Whanganui glass artist Carmen Simmonds. In this video by Tracey Grant, Carmen shows us in some detail a few of her creative practices and we showcase some of her outstanding creations with glass and occasionally brass. Carmen is currently president of the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass.


Video of master birdhouse builder Steven Price

When builder Steven Price suffered a severe neck injury at work he turned the accident into an opportunity. The Whanganui sheddie no longer mounts scaffolding; instead he designs and constructs much smaller buildings. Enjoy this video and see Steven creating and discussing his work using totara and kauri to make stunningly unique birdhouse creations in his garden and shed.


It lives!

Back in early March of 2018 a Sheddie was challenged to rebuild a Johnson 25 HP outboard motor that has been stored as a box of parts for 44 years. A few weeks later…