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Video of Judy Waterston, blacksmith in Duntroon North Otago

In this short video we head to a small town in North Otago to enjoy the ancient skill of the blacksmith. This smithy is unique in that it also acts as a school that a group of farmers rallied together to ensure its survival. As featured in Issue 80 of The Shed


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The Shed, September/October 2019 Issue 86, on sale now

In the October/ November Issue 86 of The Shed, we first head to Whanganui to meet blacksmith Josh Timmins.
Josh has his own way of making knives and axes and shows us how to make a Viking Knife starting with a piece of new steel right through to the finished product.
Then we head to…

Fire dance

A yellow sign indicates an historic site ahead and soon an old corrugated shed with “Blacksmith 1889” emblazoned on its side comes into view. Not so unusual, but a driver might do a double-take when he spots the glow of the ancient forge and hears the ring of metal on metal as he passes. While the smithy in Teddington, on the road from Lyttelton to Port Levy on Banks Peninsula, is a relic from a bygone age, the man at work is a real live 21st-century blacksmith.