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Lockdown sheddies

As New Zealand was in this stay at home order for five weeks, sheddies were busy and very active.
Here are some of them that shared their sheds, families and projects with us.

As New Zealand was in this stay at home order for five weeks, sheddies were busy and very active. Here are some of them that shared their sheds with us.

A Northland beef farmer and sheddie, Nick, got in touch with us sharing how he had just found some time to tidy his shed.
Nick writes “I use my workshop for all farm maintenance activities ranging from water reticulation projects to mechanical repairs to tools, small machinery, tractor, and excavator.
Unfortunately, I do not have much time for my passion for working with native timbers”



Ron from New Plymouth has found time to do a mod to his mill vice during this lockdown.
“I finally got around to doing a small modification to my mill vice, the absence of which has been annoying me for longer than I care to remember.
Firstly I milled a flat on the vice casting then I drilled and tapped a hole to accept an m8 cap screw. Next was the bar which is 30mm x 10mm around 95mm long.
I made a couple of spacers 5mm thick so the bar would clear the vice jaw and so the cap screw would have a solid surface to tighten against. An m10 cap screw and lock nut complete the unit. When not in use it can simply slide out of the way.

Westport sheddie Chris has heaps going on in his shed during the lockdown.



A bonus in the lockdown is some precious time spent with family and then teaching them how to be great sheddies.
This is Anthony Kleinjan and his four grandsons sanding the toolboxes they made. The boys are: Cooper 7, Maximus 4, Spencer 3 and Beau 2. They all are in Ohoka north of Christchurch and are all isolating together.

Capture 3.PNG


Ian from Wellington has shared with us his at-home projects, building pet enclosures out of old furniture. For only a few $s you can make these unique spaces for pets. This one is for a cut-as-looking blue-tongued lizard named Massey.









Darryn Bell – Lockdown shed space – saving lives !!



Peter Linton – Here’s my shed



Hemi Bloomer Puawai Uri – A big mess…



Paul Mills – This is mine



Kevin Serginson – My escape from the the madness going on at the moment .

Capture 34.PNG


Neville Thomas – my shed with a garden seat for the pergola



These were made just in time prior to lockdown





Irving King thought he might as well just relax



Clever sheddies were as busy as




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