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Video of how to make a metal (swarf) sweeper

In Issue 81 of The Shed, Des Thomson showed us how to solve the problem of sweeping up metal waste and nails from your workshop or shed. In this video, Des discusses the build, then displays the sweeper and its uses.

By Des Thomson


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Video of Des Thomson and his workshop dust extractor system

In Issue 80 of The Shed, Des Thomson gave a step by step guide on how to build a workshop dust extractor system from an old vacuum and a few bits of metal. In this video he demonstrates his mobile unit for housing the finished extractor set up.

Making a die nut

A die nut is created with interrupted sections of thread around its internal diameter. Die nuts are simply screwed onto the threaded part. As they are wound down, they cut away any of the screw thread that is bruised (bent over) or out of line. A die nut cuts irregularities and scrapes off the dirt from the thread it is being used on so needs cutting edges, which are formed by the cut-away places.

Build your own LPG-powered forge video

This brick forge is constructed from lightweight insulating firebrick. Known as a K26 brick it is available from Certec in Auckland.
These insulating fire bricks are rated to 1426°C and measure 230x115x75mm. They are commonly used to line foundry furnaces, forges, and kilns. These soft bricks can easily be cut to size with an ordinary wood saw, drilled to create burner openings, or routed to create channels.
Watch this video to see how we built this gas forge and an oil-powered version as well.
As featured in The Shed Issue 85