Father’s Day products for Dad

Keep Dad comfortable, entertained, and productive with these great products. We’re counting down to Father’s Day with twenty days of dad deals.


Day One: Proper Kiwi gumboots

Red Band have been crafting gumboots by hand since 1958. They’re not interested in those flimsy wear-to-the-mall boots, but instead produce the tough, tried-and-tested New Zealand icon that is the calf-length gumboot with cleated sole.
Made from high-quality rubber, and with a built-in rubber foam cushioned inner-sole, these boots are comfortable and durable. Priced at $91 for men’s gumboots, $80 for women’s, and $29 for the kids.

Visit redband.co.nz.


Day two: Make Dad’s job easier
First featured in The Shed in Aug/Sep 2011, the Slammer tool is an innovative New Zealand–made multi-tool that is now for sale in many different countries. Combining a sledgehammer, digging bar, and axe, it uses the downward force of the inner bar to slam the cutting blade through difficult roots and hard ground, rock, and even concrete. Ideal for fathers who are always out there working hard; building, landscaping, farming, and problem solving — take the stress off his back! The Slammer is incredibly durable, made from high-tensile and abrasion resistant steel — a gift made to last.
Different models and a range of blade heads for added versatility are now on offer, with the standard model priced at $275, including delivery.
For more information, visit theslammertool.com.


Day three: Cut like a pro
Can't justify buying a table saw? Well, there’s no need. The JigMaker Circular Saw Sled is a jig that allows you to use your circular saw just like a table saw — at a fraction of the cost. The JigMaker sled is a safer and easier way to use a circular saw, performing consistent crosscuts and accurate mitres, and it’s also portable and easy to store away. Adaptable to a range of sizes of circular saws, this saw sled is perfect for extending the use of your circular saw, performing tasks that would otherwise require additional tools.
Visit the website thejigmaker.co.nz for a range of how-to videos, check them out on Facebook, searching ‘thejigmaker’, or email thejigmaker@gmail.com for more information. Priced at $165.

#12 T-Shirt.jpg

Day four: Show your true colours
Let everybody know that you’re in with the leaders, innovators, and visionaries of this world with the Cat brand #12 T-shirt. Featuring the Cat retro print on the chest, a rib collar with shape retention, and contrast neck tape, this special tee is available from mid August for $49.99. Visit catshop.co.nz.


Day five: Electric bikes ­­— charge as you go
The Ezi Rider Vantage is ideal for those on the move. Because it folds up, it’s perfect for adding flexibility to your trips away in the motorhome, or put it in your boot for those bike trails you’ve always wanted to do. Priced at $1595, it offers a range of 70km on peddle assist, or 45km throttle alone. Or, if you want to take things further, grab their new model for $2450 — it’s identical, but has the added bonus of recharging the battery as you ride, reputedly the first recharging electric bike in New Zealand!
Visit their website, ezirider.nz or call 027 493 7025 for more information.


Day six: From work to weekend
Weekend style meets the job site with these modern industrial lightweight denim work pants. The Dynamic Pant is packed with handy features such as front reach-in pockets, a back ruler pocket for extra tool storage, and Oxford canvas knee overlays for added durability. They also have a bellowed side cargo pocket with a secure closure and a specific pocket for your cell phone. Aside from being practical, they’re also comfy, with crotch gusset for optimal movement and a ribbed waistband with interior elastic and drawcord.
Visit catshop.co.nz — available from mid August for $109.99.


Day seven: A twist on tradition
Wagener Stoves have been warming Kiwi homes for over 35 years. As a third-generation family business, they have accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience, but are still small enough to care. Wagener offer a range of stoves that will make your home nice and cosy. From the very popular little Wagener Sparky to its big brother Leon, every stove is crafted to last and reflects the company’s commitment to quality and design — and now they’re available in a range of colours, including shimmering rose, metallic moss green, sky blue, and metallic blue, all in top-quality high-temperature Stove Bright paints. Whether you’re after a pop of colour or a loud splash, check out the range at wagenerstoves.co.nz, or call 09 408-2469.
Priced from $1592 for the Sparky and $2925 for the Leon. 


Day eight: For work and play
Stay warm on the job or wherever you are, and wear the Cat logo with pride with the Cat hooded sweatshirt. The comfortable 80 per cent cotton and 20 per cent polyester fleece 360gsm blend hoodie features rib trim with spandex for shape retention and a self-lined 3pc hood with draw cord.
Currently on super special for $35, down from $90.
Visit catshop.co.nz and search ‘hooded sweatshirt’.


Day nine: Gas Swap
For the Dad that’s got everything, make sure that he’s never out of gas — there’s nothing more annoying than jumping on the MIG or TIG and getting ready to lay out some fire welds only to find that you’ve run out. EziSwap is the go-to; not only for refills, but for the ease of its gas swap system. You purchase a full gas cylinder in your choice of size — which you then own — and simply swap it for a full one when empty at any of the nationwide swap centres for less than what a refill would set you back. No rental fees, no contracts — easy. With a complete range of gases and cylinder sizes available, visit eziswapgas.co.nz or call 0800 EziSwap (0800 394 7927) for more info.


Day ten: Tried and true
Another great T-shirt from Cat, the Tried and True shirt is designed to work, relax, and play in. With contrast neck tape, rib collar with shape retention, not to mention the stylish retro Cat print on the chest, the Tried and True is available for $49.99 from mid August. Check out catshop.co.nz.



Day eleven:
What better present than a year’s subscription to The Shed? Our Father’s Day bundle includes a subscription with your choice of gift at a special price!

Get yours here: magstore.nz/pages/dad


Day twelve: Comfy Cat
Made from premium-weight cotton jersey, the Smart Iron track-type tee from Cat is versatile and comfortable. The spandex rib trim means that it retains its shape, and the wire management loop on the outside of the neck makes for added job-site safety. Made from 200gsm, 100 per cent cotton, ring-spun combed jersey, it features a tagless back neck for comfort, and branding on the pocket, back, and sleeve hem. Available from mid August for $49.99 from catshop.co.nz.


Day thirteen: Full steam ahead
Bring your model steamer to life on the water! The D48 two-cylinder Marine Steam Engine is a pre-assembled working engine for marine use. Now, those amazing model boats made by enthusiasts can be motorized simply and authentically. These motors are manufactured in Germany to a high standard by Wilesco.
Priced at $835.50, GST inclusive. For more details, visit boathousecollectables.co.nz and navigate to ‘Ship Models Wooden’ and click on ‘Steam Engines’. Boathouse Collectables also sell a range of other marine items, so have a browse while you’re there.


Day fourteen: Be prepared for beer o’clock
There’s nothing like a cold brew after a day’s DIY — even better if you have the satisfaction of making it yourself. Mangrove Jack’s Starter Brewery Kit comes with everything you need to get brewing. You can start off simple, and then start experimenting with their large range of popular styles, from refreshing ales and punchy IPAs through to malty stouts. Put your own spin on a style with the variety of ingredients and brewing additions available, creating your very own flavour profile.
Just $99.99 to get started. Visit mangrovejacks.com for more information.


Day fifteen: Super tough smartphone
The Cat S41 Smartphone, an Android 32GB 4G LTE, is military rated to MIL-STD-810G standards, making it extremely reliable in dust, humidity, salt, solar radiation, and thermal shock. The handset has been drop tested on concrete up to 1.8m and the IP68-certified construction makes it waterproof to an amazing depth of two metres and can be submerged for up to 60 minutes. The mid-sized five-inch IPS touchscreen features full HD 1080p resolution with 441ppi pixel density.
The phones are in stock now — priced at $800. Visit catshop.co.nz and search ‘Cat S41 Smartphone’ for more info.


Day sixteen: Pain in the neck no more
Trying to see into all the little nooks and crannies of your project can be a literal pain in the neck. The team at Machineryhouse feel your pain, and now offer the VS-1000 Portable Video Inspection Camera so you can see all those hard-to-reach places with no problem. The camera sits at the end of a one-metre flexible cable, featuring a 72x54mm colour screen, image rotation control, zoom, adjustable LED lights, a magnetic pick-up tool, and a 45-degree mirror for looking around corners. If you’re after something palm-sized, the smaller VS-600 with 53x40mm screen is also on offer.
Find out more at Machineryhouse, or visit machineryhouse.co.nz/Portable-Video-Scope.




Day seventeen: 
Dad already a Shed subscriber? Chances are he’ll be keen on one of our sister titles, too — check out our great Father’s Day subscription bundles.

Get yours here: magstore.nz/pages/dad


Day eighteen: Don’t get caught out
Supplementing your water supply by harvesting nature’s reserves can really save on water costs, but in those drier months it can be a struggle to keep anything in reserve. The Hansen Rapidflo Rain Relief Valve is your insurance against an empty tank. Designed to supplement your rainwater tank by 50 or 100mm from an alternative source when your water level gets too low, it will ensure that you always have water on hand, but also allows enough space in your tank in case rain is on the way.
Visit hansenproducts.co.nz for your local stockist and more info.


Day nineteen: The multitool smartphone
There’s no need to jam your pockets full with various tools when your smartphone can do so much of what you need. The Cat S60 smartphone — featuring an integrated thermal imaging camera, laser-assistance distance measure, and an indoor-air-quality measure — is the tool to help to get any job done. The rugged construction means that it’s drop-proof to 1.8m and waterproof to 5m. This Android 32GB phone also has exceptional display, sound, and comms features.
Priced at $1,150, and in stock now. Visit catshop.co.nz and search ‘Cat S60 phone’.



Day twenty:
Whatever you’re after for Dad: a torque wrench, a set of pliers, or just a discount on a great magazine, have a look at our one-year subscription + gift bundle.

Get yours here: magstore.nz/pages/dad