The Shed is now the sponsor of The Auckland Blade Show

The Auckland Blade show will be held at the Parnell Community Centre, 545 Parnell Road on the weekend of 6 & 7 October 2018. The Shed is proud to be bringing you this show and we'll be there to meet and great Shed readers.
We met up with the event organiser, Brent Sandow recently when we visited him in his Auckland knife-making shed. Brent has a very impressive workshop with a huge array of machinery and vast range of stunning knives that he has made

We were very impressed with Brent's workshop and set up

Brent is heading to the USA in the coming weeks to attend a knife show, sell some merchandise and meet up with friends and colleagues in the world of knifemaking. He will also be travelling around the US to view other knifemakers work. Luckily for us, Brent will be reporting on the show for The Shed so look out for that article in Issue #80 on sale early August.

Here is a small selection of Brent's fantastic skills, a selection of Loveless-Style blades with unique handles. Second in from left a red Micatta, brown Micatta, interior Mamouth tusk, crutch Cocobolo, Giraffe bone, Arizona Ironwood and another Giraffe bone.

For more information on the October Auckland show, contact Brent on email,
See you there.

Some of the Auckland-made custom-designed sheaths Brent can provide with his knives